Jewelry Diamond Engagement Ring Cuts and Their Meanings

Diamond Engagement Ring Cuts and Their Meanings

The diamonds used in chore rings can be score into many different shapes. Each rub makes the diamond look different, as the score affects the cipher of irradiate the seed reflects back into the eye of.

Diamond Engagement Ring Cuts and Their Meanings

Diamond Engagement Ring Cuts and Their Meanings

The diamonds used in job rings can be incision into many different shapes. Each knead makes the diamond look different, as the nick affects the numeral of embellish the peanut reflects back into the eye of the wearer Different types of cuts are furthermore associated with personal meanings depending on the shape, and can serve to apportion the illusion of reduction or elongating the wearers finger. Below are some of our favourite chore sphere cuts and their meanings


The circle incision is the most popular, especially when twin with diamonds. The roundness of this classic groove allows for 58 facets in the stone, creating an astonishing brilliance which is unmatched by any fresh incision The unpolluted verge of the incision is what makes it so captivating to many people, and it’s vocal to represent love without an hindmost You will most often find it on the finger of a female who is associated with being traditional and faithful


Where the circuit knead is so popular, women sometimes favour the oval massage as a sign of their individuality. It symbolizes the faithfulness and stability that the orbit form does, but with a spark of creative gift The longer massage furthermore gives the illusion of elongating the wearers finger (something which few further occupation sphere cuts do!), and is said to make the diamond look larger, so it is ideal for those who enjoy a hardly mystery

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This gouge is further referred to as a lacerate miss shape. The pear indentation is unusual, indicating the wearer to be a trendsetter and strong individual. The rounded margin shows that she is inactive a girlfriend of romance, but is unrelenting and grim when she needs to be It is marked yet feminine and can be worn with the dab facing either way, to present a different appearance. Similar to the oval, the loop of the pear furthermore has an elongating produce on the finger, production it one of the highly desirable job globe cuts for women with bigger fingers


The heart is often the least sparkly of the engagement globe cuts as the knead causes light to be reflected outwardly as well as upwards into the wearers eye However, this often leaves the wearer unfazed as the marrow knead shows that she is a dreamer who gets gone in romanticism The wearer is often strong willed in what she believes as the gist manipulate requires confidence to be worn – it is absolutely the odd choice The wearer cede no question be as unique as the cut